Worship Leader, Lector, LEM, Altar, and Coffee Hour Schedule

December 3     December 10                December 17                 December 24              December 31

Worship Schedule

November 2017

November 5                     November 12                   November 19                         November 26

Worship Schedule

December 2017

                                        October 1           October 8 (convention)    October 15            October 22                        October29

Worship Schedule

October 2017

15 N. Idaho, uptown Butte at the corner of Broadway and Idaho    
Phone: 406-723-4017           email: StJohnsButte@gmail.com

Services: Sunday 10:45am and Tuesday 12:15pm     

Worship Schedule

September 2017

                                                       September 3                 September 10              September 17             September 24

                                               Morning Prayer              Holy Eucharist               Morning Prayer          Holy Eucharist   

Worship Leader                               Jim Fay                                Rev. Theresa                       Glen Southergill              Rev. Theresa        

Lector                                            Frank Pickett                        Fred Walter                         MaryLynn Fay                  Stewart Smith
                                                     Judy Armbruster                    Deirdre Caughlan                 Glen Southergill              Frank Pickett
                                                     Heather Lingle                       Jim Fay                               Jill Smith                        Judy Armbruster        

LEM                                                                                            Stewart Smith                                                            Jim Fay

Altar                                               Team 1                                Team 1                                     Team 2                      Team 2               

St. John's Episcopal Church, Butte, Montana

Worship Schedule

August 2017

                                                 August 6                      August 13                     August 20                 August 27                                               

                                                Morning Prayer              Holy Eucharist             Morning Prayer         Holy Eucharist   

Worship Leader                         Glen Southergill             Rev. Theresa                 Frank Pickett             Rev. Theresa        

Lector                                       Jill Smith                      Fred Walter                   MaryLynn Fay              Frank Pickett

                                                Frank Pickett                 Deirdre Caughlan           Glen Southergill          Dave Andrews

                                                Dave Andrews                Jim Fay                         Jill Smith                    Fred Walter          

LEM                                                                               Jim Fay                                                         Glen Southergill

Altar                                         Team 2                          Team 2                         Team 3                     Team 3